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  • A proven, Step-by-Step strategy to get you OUT of being overwhelmed and INTO a college career of your dreams in which you always have the confidence to write a paper of any length without all the stress
  • How to turn a 10-Word essay topic into a 1,000 or even a 3,000 word essay without pulling your hair out
  • How to choose a Topic on which you’ll be able to write hundreds and even thousands of words almost on autopilot
  • What to do when you’re out of ideas in the middle of writing your essay and you don’t know where to turn
  • How to write a thesis statement that will show the professor that you’re a very smart student just by reading the first paragraph
  • How to impress your professor without really trying
  • What to do to eliminate all dangers of plagiarism from your papers
  • A simple way to make sure your professors love your writing in a way that makes them be forgiving about the minor mistakes
  • How to eliminate paragraphs of needless work by taking this one simple step
  • How to write in a way that will get you praise from your professors or instructors on a regular basis
  • How to eliminate the endless wandering on the Internet in search for ideas and make your research quick, simple, and so effective that it takes a fraction of the time and produces quality pages that professors love to read
  • How to create an essay after essay without EVER running out of ideas again
  • A simple but powerful way to handle argumentative essays without coming across as biased or narrow-minded
  • How to quickly change your approach for any professor to make sure that you get good and excellent grades throughout your college years
  • A simple way to present a strong opinion without coming across as opinionated or intolerant that not only gets you a high grade but also earns you respect from your professor
  • How to provide a balanced opinion without coming across as timid or unsure of yourself
  • What to do when you have a limited choice of topics and you don’t like any of them
  • How to write on a topic you know nothing about or don’t even like, but you have to write on it, and how to come up with all the material to fill up a page after page
  • A lesson from simple arithmetic that takes away all your worries about the thousands of words you need to write and gives you the power to fill up the pages of your essay with quality content professors rarely receive from their students
  • How to write a thesis statement so that ANY professor at ANY college in the world will understand it and judge it to be well-written and worthy of an excellent grade
  • Two kinds of a Thesis and how to use them to cut the effort in half
  • How to use the Force of Focus to make writing a 3,000 word essay seem as easy as writing one that is only 300 words long
  • How to write Powerful Examples that captivate your reader and make you look like an experienced writer of essays and a brilliant student
  • A good, legitimate, free, and powerful way to use the Internet to get ideas when you need new information that will NOT get you in trouble with your professor
  • How to FOREVER avoid the three BAD ways to add material to your term papers that will lower your grade which most students use and wonder why they can’t get a high GPA
  • How to quickly add the necessary number of words when you realize that you need a lot more, without being overwhelmed or writing in any filler and fluff
  • How to write Introductions and Conclusions Quickly and Easily
  • 7 Easy Ways to Boost Your Essay Grade
  • How to come up with ideas that will be easy for you to write about
  • How to ALWAYS submit your term papers ON TIME
  • Exercises, Tips, Suggestions, and much More!

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Bonus 1.  21 Deadly Writing Errors ($27 Value)

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  • How to get rid of the major writing mistakes that all graders hate
  • How to come across as a confident writer
  • One simple way to never lose your reader’s attention
  • 7 deadly grammatical errors that will kill your grade
  • An easy way to make your points believable to even the most skeptical reader
  • Much more...

Bonus 2.  Rapid Writing Manual ($17 Value)

You will learn 19 ways to keep your ideas flowing - even if you hit the worst writer's block!

  • No more staring at the blank screen, looking for words
  • Write a sentence after sentence - until you have the number of pages you need
  • As simple as asking and answering a question, seriously

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- Phyllis, California

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- Larisa, New York

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