"Ready to Master College Writing? Look Over My Shoulder As I Show You How I Wrote Three A-Grade Papers In College - Sentence By Sentence..."

What if You Could Achieve Mastery of College Writing?

Now you can - quicker than you ever thought possible.

If college writing gives you trouble, then cheer up because today you can learn the art and science of academic writing quickly and easily - no exaggeration.

This program is a result of years of writing college papers (myself as an undergraduate and then graduate student) as well as teaching it now for 10 years.

One thing I'd like to tell you right off the bat - although in it I will teach you what I call "academic writing," my style of teaching is not academic at all.

As you may know from my emails and possibly other programs that you may have purchased, my style is easy-going and conversational. I don't bore my students. This program is lots of fun.

I guess that's one of the things that makes my materials different from other educators'.

Another thing is the nature of the program itself, because nobody else in the academic world does what I do. Because...

I Part the Curtains and Let You In on What Exactly I Do When I Have to Write a Paper

In this video program I show you exactly - sentence by sentence and paragraph by paragraph - what I did to write three of my own papers.

The first one I wrote as an undergrad, and got an A+.

The two others I wrote as a grad student and got Full Credit and an A, and you will see the photocopies of the grades further down this page.

I will show you how I went about the process of writing each of these papers, from start to finish. This means - from when I barely had an idea of what I wanted to write about - to the completed papers, finalized and graded by professors.

How the Program is Organized

The program is divided into four parts:

Part I. Essential Writing Skills

Although the program is titled "Advanced Writing Skills," I assume that you have never got proper training on essay writing basics, and I coach you on my Core Principles and Skills.

Part II. Writing Paper 1

This is the part where I take you by the hand and guide you through the entire process of writing the first paper - the one I wrote as an undergrad.

You will start to see how all the basics come together to shape a nicely structured essay. You will also see how I made two serious mistakes but still got an A+. This was a 720-word paper.

Part III. Writing Paper 2

In this section you and I will write the second paper together - the first of the two grad level papers. This is a research paper in which you will see how the Power of Three can be used to write 2,902 words of quality academic material - quickly and easily.

Part IV. Writing Paper 3

This is a more complex and challenging, 3,065-word long paper. As I guide you again, step-by-step and paragraph by paragraph, you will learn an array of skills that you never knew existed.

One of the skills, vital to college writing, is how to connect two works of literature (any literature) in one coherent argument. You won't learn this stuff anywhere else - trust me.

Here's What You Will Learn

  • You and I will write three essays together from scratch - I will walk you through the steps that are my personal writing SECRETS
  • You will learn why most students jump into research and find themselves more lost than before and WHAT to do to avoid this big and senseless mistake
  • You will learn how to use research in such a way that it actually provides you with an idea after an idea WITHOUT even a hint of plagiarism
  • You'll discover a way to use the essay question or topic your professor gave you to create an INSTANT outline for you paper
  • You will learn a simple technique of adding hundreds or even thousands of words of quality material WITHOUT repeating yourself or quoting too much
  • When you master this simple technique, you will start winning your professors over every single time
  • We'll look at an easy way to avoid this common mistake many students make when writing a compare/contrast paper
  • You'll learn a simple way to write your paper WITHOUT worrying about making serious mistakes, EVEN if those mistakes got you poor grades in the past
  • You'll discover a way to come across as a positive person - even if your paper is critical of something
  • You will see how the Power of Three helped me write a 2,902-word term paper WITHOUT getting stuck even once
  • This simple technique of adding only a few words in your opening paragraph is guaranteed to make your professor understand and LOVE your writing - every single time
  • How to create an essay after essay without EVER running out of ideas again
  • How to express yourself freely and expect total respect in return
  • How to quickly change your approach for any professor to make sure that you get good and excellent grades throughout your college years
  • You will finally form your own strong idea of what a student essay should look like and learn how to adapt your writing to any professor for the best grade
  • You'll discover a SIMPLE way to CONNECT any two works of literature or any art in a way that will get you an excellent grade EVERY time
  • An easy but not obvious way to use a counterargument to instantly expand your paper
  • You'll acquire the skill of logical reasoning and learn how to use it to expand your papers
  • Watch me write an Introduction and a Conclusion in only a couple of minutes - yes, it's that easy
  • Use this simple but POWERFUL technique to incorporate research into your paper EVEN if you think you have found NO articles or ANY pieces of research that you could include in your writing
  • You'll learn how to use your imagination to support your points and to have your professor FASCINATED with your thoughts
  • You will discover why it is perfectly okay to write a very long opening paragraph and HOW to write such paragraphs so that your professor would make his decision then and there that you deserve an excellent grade
  • This simple technique will get you a thousand words in less than an hour IF you simply do it the way I teach it
  • You will discover how to get rid of the "blank page" syndrome forever and to keep typing until your fingers go numb WITHOUT getting stuck and have fun in the process
  • You will learn that making small and even big mistakes in your writing is okay AS LONG AS you use this powerful SECRET
  • This sneaky little technique will allow you to influence your professor's opinion about you and your writing right from the very first sentences
  • How to add three paragraphs of QUALITY content Quickly and Easily
  • These 3 Easy Ways to BOOST Your Essay Grade are quick but very powerful
  • You will learn how to come up with writing ideas that you could keep expanding on forever
  • Discover an amazingly easy way to organize your thoughts so that they flow without stop as you're typing your paper
  • You will also get all sorts of tips, tricks, and sneaky little techniques to make SURE that your next research paper is a success

Start Getting the Grades You Deserve!

Here are three snapshots of the grades I received for the three papers we will be recreating together:

This is the grade and the comment for paper one. It was a midterm paper I wrote as an undergrad. In the program you will see what exactly impressed my professor about my writing and you will learn how to do the same. You will also see two serious mistakes I had made but still got the grade I wanted.

This paper was communicated over email. In blue print you see my professor's comments and the grade, which is Full Credit. Note that he didn't have to agree with my points to give me an excellent grade! I will show you the secret that made this possible. This will be our first big research paper.

Once more, you can see that I didn't have to be perfect to get my professor excited about reading my papers. She loved the paper despite my flawed MLA style. This is the power of the techniques you will learn. This is the second and more challenging research paper.

Program Screenshots

Check out these screenshots of the program. You will see that learning can be a lot of fun. More importantly, the visual approach is very effective - your essay writing skills will improve at the first watching.

The visual nature of the program makes learning fun. In my typical style, I make complex things simple and easy to understand, implement, and emulate.

You are no doubt familiar with the Power of Three (if you're not - no worries - I begin by teaching you all the basics as if you are a complete beginner). Now learn how to take it to the next level and use it to write a big research paper.

Discover the specifics of writing a comparative paper. Use these techniques to write a short or a really long paper. These techniques work every time!

Effective research techniques are one of the cornerstones of the program. I will take the mystery out of it for you.

Paragraph by paragraph and sentence by sentence I show you exactly what to do when you need to incorporate research effectively.

Forget plagiarism and never worry about it again. I will show you how.


Your 3 Bonuses

BONUS 1: Video Class 'Essay Questions Answered Visually' ($57 Value)

You will learn:

  • Several different ways of writing an Introduction
  • Several different ways of writing a Conclusion
  • More in-depth on how to MINIMIZE research and MAXIMIZE the quality of your paper for the best grade
  • 1 Power Question that will give you INSTANT content if all else fails
  • How to end Procrastination NOW

BONUS 2: My Brand New Video Master Class: "How I Wrote My Master's Thesis in Two Weekends" ($57 Value)

This master class is brand new and hot off the press. In it, I will show you the exact steps I took to write my own 33-page Master's Thesis in two weekends! The paper was approved by my college in the summer of 2013. If you know you will need to write a big paper like this and have it pass the committee, you need to watch this video class.

Special content:

  • I will share with you how one simple idea turned into a 33-page paper
  • I will show you how I came up with the overall structure - see if the Power of Three worked for me this time
  • You will learn how to fill up 33 pages just by repeating a simple process
  • I will show you how I choose my research articles and books, and how I avoid being overwhelmed by research
  • I will share my simple method by which I plug in my research and build my bibliography
  • And more - in detail...

BONUS 3: My Entire 33-Page Thesis Exactly the Way it Was Approved by the Faculty ($37 Value)

This is unprecedented. I have nothing to hide - on the contrary, I want you to learn from my experience, my mistakes, and my successes. This is my FULL, UNEDITED 33-page paper that I submitted as my MA Thesis and had it approved by the department. Together with the video master class, this thesis will open your eyes to how such a big paper can be written - quickly!

Filled with examples of:

  • Using research to support my points and expand my paper
  • Arguments and Counterarguments
  • Paragraphing and Organization
  • Advanced sentence writing
  • And a rather interesting paper, if I only say so myself...

Try the Program Risk-Free

Try the program for 60 days. If you’re not completely satisfied, simply request a full refund. No questions asked! Why would I give you a crazy guarantee like that? Because I know that this program works. But you don’t have to believe me. Just try it today. If after 60 days you are not a totally awesome academic writer, you will receive all your money back. Again, no questions asked! And you can even keep the product! How about that! I’ve removed ALL the risk for you. You literally have NOTHING to lose! Click on the Add to Cart button below, fill out your payment information, and you’ll get two confirmation emails – one from PayPal and one from Tutor Phil. Confirm, and ENJOY! Take charge of your Academic, Professional, and Intellectual Destiny! Do it Now!

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What People Say

UPDATE 1: "Hey Phil. Long time. My apology that I haven’t updated you. Thankfully, the paper got accepted 🙂 Now, I have to go through all the payment process with the school for registration, and once that is done, my professor will upload the grade. Then I’m done with the school for good. Let me update you with doctoral program application process as well in the future."

UPDATE 2: "Hi Phil, this is Pyongho. Long time! Hope things are going well for you. Just emailing you for the news that I've got into Teachers College Ph. D. program for Fall 2012 at Columbia University. I thank God for it so much. If I need anything for the program, I'd love to contact you. So, talk to you soon! Bye~"

- Pyongho Kim, PhD Student, Columbia University

"I had only written at high school level. Then when I enrolled on a college course as a mature student at 36, I was totally lost when they asked me to start writing essays. I worked at my first 2 essays with the help of fellow students and teachers, although I felt that I struggled to make sense of how to construct an essay. I scoured the internet for divine help when I encountered Tutor Phil who had an ebook on How to Stop Essay Pain. I immediately downloaded this and was  amazed how Phil’s teachings on essays made the whole process simple and concise.  I worked on more essays, gradually improving, although I wanted to take this to the next level.

This is when Tutor Phil’s Advanced Program was released. I purchased the top package which included dvd booklet and an hour of Phil’s time on internet chat. The program is easy to follow as you can use the booklet to compliment and follow what is going on in the dvd. Since using this program I have finally been able to master and use the thesis strategy which makes the process of researching for the essay more precise and less difficult. I have just completed an essay on power and privilege and the program has improved my grade significantly.

The planning for me is not a problem, the researching is easier, my writing now has purpose because the thesis controls the arguments that I put forth, and this has impressed my teachers! My fellow students have noticed that I go about the whole purpose of writing in a much different way, this being that I come up with a thesis and this guides my whole thinking on the topic. I would definitely recommend the program because I feel that writing is hard, but with Tutor Phil’s Advanced Program you get a different angle on how to go about the whole essay process, from paragraphing to sentence structure - nothing is left out. Can’t wait for the next program. "

- Kevin, United Kingdom

"Hello Phil, Just to let you know that my studies are completed and that was thanks to what I learned through viewing your Advanced Writing programme. I became a returning student in 2011 and, being a mature third year student, I felt totally lost - not fully understanding what I should or should not include in an assignment. So whether I had a 250 or a 3000 word assignment it would freak me out. Lecturers, although knowledgeable, gave no insight into how I should approach an assignment.

Returned assignments saw me wavering between a Lower second bordering a Third - not what I wanted, but all the same a reason to make a conscientious effort to putting everything I had into my final paper, which consisted of a 10,000 word dissertation. With now only six weeks to hand in date, I now was looking for help.

My searching finally led me to your site and the purchase of your ‘Advanced Writing Techniques’ which I found to be invaluable. The tools and techniques I learned allowed me to produce a well-constructed assignment, just by following the simple steps.

The programme enabled me to gain better understanding of how I should approach any given written task. In my case, not seeing a 10,000 word document but visualising that I had a number of mini assignments which were to be completed separately. Where sections were a little light in content, I was able to extend sections with ease. Practice makes perfect, and this is where this programme comes to life because it enables the user to put theory into practice. Step by step this programme guided me and enabled me to give structure to each section of my dissertation.

In summing up, I have invested in a program that will be of benefit for a long time to come. I work as a teacher myself, and I have begun to pass my knowledge onto my students, who are now seeing the results in their graded work returned. I also have an 8 year daughter who over the school holidays completed her summer learning with the guide lines, supplied to me. At the beginning she moaned, “I cannot do this.” But within a week she had written twice the amount she was initially asked to write and ended up enjoying the experience. I will definitely be using this programme for a long time to come - it was such a worthwhile investment.

Last week my results were published. Well, I gladly acknowledge a 2-2, but think what I could have achieved if I had stumbled across your website at the beginning of the term! I would not hesitate to recommend any of your products I purchased, and will be using the ones I have time and time again.

Thank you.

Regards, "

- Anne, London, UK

"The Advanced Writing program, created and developed by Tutor Phil, was of great help to me in better understanding how to write essays in an academic fashion. The program was clear and easy to follow, and it was helpful in getting better organized when writing my essays. It made the whole writing process no longer a stressful one, thanks to the examples of the 'how' and the 'why' questions, among the other techniques. Overall the program helped me to improve my average grade. I am most certainly recommending this advanced writing program to everyone out there struggling to write essays! "

- Helen, UK

"Before I studied essay writing with Tutor Phil, my main problem was coming up with all those hundreds and even thousands of words when writing a college paper. After taking his course, this problem disappeared, and today I am a happy writer of term papers on any topic and of any length. His techniques gave me the confidence to face any writing assignment and even to enjoy the process of completing it. Nobody teaches essays like Tutor Phil."

- Helen, New York
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Sale - 50% Off! Was $97.00,
For a Limited Time - Only $48.50!

Please note that you will be receiving the entire program and the bonuses as video and pdf files. No physical products will be shipped. You will receive the program INSTANTLY upon payment and will be able to view and consume it immediately on your computer, iPad, smartphone, or any other electronic device that displays videos and pdf files. When you click the button, you will be taken to a secure PayPal page - world's most trusted payment processing company.